Deejay Lim Peifen shuts down talk her son was given preferential treatment at Changi's Jewel

Radio deejay Lim Peifen denied that she was given preferential treatment at a snow-walk attraction at Jewel Changi Airport.

SINGAPORE - Well-known radio deejay Lim Peifen has refuted talk that her son was given preferential treatment at a snow-walk attraction at Jewel Changi Airport.

A netizen called Kailin Ng posted earlier this month that while her son Aden was turned away because of improper footwear, the son of a celebrity deejay - whom she did not name - was allowed entry even though he also wore open-toe sandals.

Ng had come across a photo of the deejay's Jewel outing days after Ng had gone there.

"What baffles me is not that such footwear is not allowed (but) her son was allowed entry for the very reason why Aden was not allowed."

"Are rules not strictly followed? Or are rules only for the common folk?"

On Monday (Dec 9), Lim, 37, posted to give her side of the story.

"We queued up for the snow walk. We wondered if we could go in with our sandals. We saw other children in the queue with their parents, and they were allowed entry to the snow walk with their open-toe sandals."

"When it was our turn to take the walk, we asked whether our shoes were okay. We were given the okay to go. There was no preferential treatment, nor did we insist on any."

"All I wanted was to have a happy day out with my family, and we did enjoy ourselves."

Adding that safety is important, Lim said she is "happy to follow clear, well-defined safety measures for all activities, and I hope that rules are always well-enforced".

"As for topics of discussion other than safety, I honestly don't think they are relevant to this incident," she noted.

In a statement to The Straits Times, Changi Airport Group said a ranger had not enforced the safety rules on the day when Lim came.

"It is our topmost priority for guests to play and enjoy our facilities in optimal conditions. Therefore, we made it a requirement for visitors to be in covered footwear for the snow walk. The entry... by a guest with open-toe footwear was an oversight."

CAG has reminded its staff to uphold the rules.

Lim's fans have welcomed the clarifications, with one posting: "It is unfortunate that you are targeted just because you are a celebrity."

In another post, Ng said CAG has extended an invitation to her to visit the airport again, and that she is no longer pursuing the snow-walk matter.

However, her latest stand has not entirely pacified Lim's fans.

Saying that it is not fair that the deejay has been dragged into the matter, a netizen wrote: "I am sure she is not the only one whose son was allowed in. I don't think she used her celebrity status."

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