Dashcam footage raises questions about Han Ji-seong's death

SEOUL • Dashcam footage from another car has raised questions over what actually happened before and after an accident that killed South Korean television actress Han Ji-seong on Monday.

The 28-year-old, who got out and went to the back of her Mercedes-Benz car, was struck by a taxi and a sport utility vehicle.

Han had stopped her car in the middle lane of a busy expressway near Incheon International Airport.

According to her husband, she had done so because he wanted to take a toilet break.

He said he dashed across the road to relieve himself in the woods and noted that there was an accident only when he came back.

He had no idea why Han, whom he married just two months ago, did not pull over on the road shoulder for safety reasons.

But footage from another car obtained by broadcaster YTN seems to contradict his statement to the police.

The video shows Han was already out of the car before he dashed across the road, and that the accident occurred just 10 seconds from the time he got to the guard rail.

That short time, and the noise of the accident's impact, begs the question of why the husband said he was in the dark about the tragedy until he came back to the car.

Netizens speculated that Han Ji-seong could be intoxicated or on drugs, which made her stop her car in the middle lane. PHOTO: LOVELY_SHYONG/ INSTAGRAM

An autopsy will be carried out on Han and its findings will either support or debunk the rumours that have swirled online.


Netizens speculate that Han could be intoxicated or on drugs, marring her judgment and leading her to stop the car in the middle lane with the emergency lights on.

"Even if they were arguing, if they were sober, they aren't likely to stop in the middle of the highway like that," a netizen called kentv commented on the story, on the allkpop portal.

Others just found the account of the accident bizarre.

"The only thing I can think of is that they got into an argument... and she just abruptly parked in the middle of the expressway out of anger and stepped out to get some air, while the husband went to the (roadside) to smoke a cigarette," another netizen, k_kid, posted.

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