Daniel Wu upset over Emmy snub

AMC martial arts drama series Into The Badlands stars Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu (left).
AMC martial arts drama series Into The Badlands stars Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu (above).PHOTO: AMC

LOS ANGELES • Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu is not someone who takes to social media frequently to complain about injustice.

However, the star of AMC martial arts drama series Into The Badlands has slammed the Emmy Awards for snubbing the show after the list of nominations was released last week.

"I am happy for everyone that got nominated this year, but I am not happy we got snubbed for Outstanding Stunt Coordination," he tweeted. "Take a look at that list of nominees and see if this makes any sense."

He then listed the nominees for the category, which included Game Of Thrones, Marvel's The Punisher and The Blacklist, on his Instagram.

He wrote: "I understand we are a genre show but we should OWN this category!!! Why do you think this happened? Why do you think we get no love within the industry?"

He acknowledged on Twitter that Game Of Thrones "deserves to be up there", but said he was not sure about the other nominees.

Into The Badlands revolves around his character Sunny and a young boy as they journey through a dangerous feudal land seeking enlightenment. It is loosely based on Chinese classical novel Journey To The West.

Wu, a seasoned actor in Hong Kong with a martial-arts background, worked with executive producer Stephen Fung and veteran choreographer Ku Huen Chiu to bring some of Hong Kong's best action choreography to the television series.

He tweeted: "Actors and shows I get. There are so many. But how many action shows are there out there? How many come close to what we do?"

He included on Instagram a group photo of the team behind Into The Badlands and praised the "diverse and talented group of folks".

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