Sexual assault allegations

Cosby 'was away' on day of disputed assault

NEW YORK • Bill Cosby was travelling and away from his home near Philadelphia during the month in which Ms Andrea Constand said she was drugged and sexually molested.

That was the testimony from a pilot, who has expertise reviewing flight records and whom Cosby's defence team had tapped to bolster their case before they rested their case on Monday.

But prosecutors said the records contained errors and were hardly comprehensive in detailing the entertainer's whereabouts for the entire month.

Montgomery County district attorney Kevin Steele said Cosby could have taken another private plane, a commercial plane, a train or some other kind of transport to return to his home in Pennsylvania.

Whether the encounter occurred in January 2004 is important because there is the issue of Pennsylvania's 12-year statute of limitations for filing charges.

Cosby was charged with the assault of Ms Constand at the end of December 2015, so if the encounter had happened earlier than January 2004, he could not be prosecuted.

After his legal team rested their case, the judge explained the jurors' role in the coming days. "Try to relax so that you are on your game tomorrow," he said, "when you will listen to closing arguments and begin your deliberations."

The prosecution had presented 14 witnesses, including five women who said they, too, had been sexually assaulted by Cosby.


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