Coronavirus: Hong Kong singer Hana Kuk quarantines herself for 14 days after she suffers from gastric flu

Hong Kong singer Hana Kuk was at first worried that she might be down with the coronavirus. PHOTO: HANA_KUK/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong singer Hana Kuk was supposed to film a music video at the start of the month, but found herself having a headache and tummy ache instead.

The 33-year-old was at first worried that she might be down with the coronavirus, but it turned out that she had gastric flu instead.

In any case, Kuk decided to quarantine herself for 14 days after she fell sick.

"My colleagues asked me if I have any muscle pain, but I did not see a doctor as I did not develop any symptoms of the coronavirus," Kuk told the media on Monday (Feb 17). "But for the sake of safety, I quarantine myself and did not go out for 14 days."

Kuk, who sang the ending theme song for TVB series Line Walker: The Prelude (2017), said she had just returned to work as most of her work was cancelled or postponed during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Hong Kong reporters also asked her if she had enough toilet paper when she was ill.

With a smile, she replied: "Luckily I bought toilet paper before my gastric flu, but I do not have many face masks left. The face masks I have ordered have not arrived yet."

The coronavirus outbreak has led to panic-buying of toilet rolls in Hong Kong, with armed robbers reported to have made off with toilet paper in the city.

Kuk, who has won TVB's Most Popular Female Singer award twice in a row, started filming for the MTV of the ending theme song of new TVB series Forensic Heroes IV on Monday.

She wears a wedding gown in the video.

Kuk, who has worn a wedding gown many times since she joined the entertainment industry three years ago, said she hoped to get married in 10 years.

"I have even dreamt about the type of wedding gown I will wear for my future wedding," she said.

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