Coronavirus: Hong Kong singer Frances Yip quarantines herself after returning from Singapore

Hong Kong Cantopop diva Frances Yip performing at a concert in 2018.
Hong Kong Cantopop diva Frances Yip performing at a concert in 2018.PHOTO: RED SPADE

Hong Kong Cantopop diva Frances Yip has chosen to quarantine herself at her home in Australia after there was a reported coronavirus case at the Singapore hotel she stayed in.

The 72-year-old veteran singer, who is famous for singing the theme song of 1980 TV series The Bund, said she was in Singapore on Feb 1 to perform at a concert.

She also took a group photo with about 80 Chinese guests and interacted with them after the concert, Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News reported.

She learnt later that there was a China tourist staying in the same hotel as her, who was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

When she returned to Australia the day after the concert, she decided to quarantine herself for two weeks as a precaution.

Yip recalled that during the Sars outbreak in 2003, she and her husband David Lomax also quarantined themselves after they returned from Hong Kong, which was one of the cities hit hard by the epidemic.

Referring to her current quarantine, she said: "We did not go out to eat and FaceTimed our grandchildren even though they stay in the same building."

She added that she and Mr Lomax are feeling well and their self-imposed quarantine is coming to an end.

She followed news of the outbreak both in Hong Kong and Australia during this period, and noted that residents in Australia have also flocked to buy face masks and hand sanitisers, resulting in a shortage of the items for about a week.


While she would not be able to make it to Hong Kong today (Feb 14) to promote her new album, she said her quarantine would have little impact on her work later.

She would still travel to Canada later this month for her 50th-anniversary concert, which she also held in Singapore in November 2019.

She would also go to Hong Kong if possible. "I hope to return to Hong Kong, as I have many friends there and want to cheer for them," she said.