Coronavirus: Hong Kong actress Tracy Chu tells husband not to return to Singapore for now

Hong Kong actress Tracy Chu and her husband, Singapore doctor Justin Ng. PHOTO: TRACYTSCHU/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong actress and television host Tracy Chu is happy to spend more time in the same city as her Singapore-based husband.

The 31-year-old has "barred" her husband Justin Ng, who is based here as a doctor, from going back to the Republic in the light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr Ng, 31, who flies frequently between Hong Kong and Singapore, went to Hong Kong last month to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day with his wife.

On Valentine's Day (Feb 14), Chu posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram and wrote: "So many February 14s spent over a thousand miles apart...for the first time ever we are in the same city. No more dinner celebrations over video call!"

According to Oriental Daily News (ODN), Dr Ng was planning to return to Singapore after Valentine's Day, but Chu was worried about the rising number of coronavirus cases in Singapore, which was 77 as of Monday.

Chu, who has acted in TVB dramas such as The Hippocratic Crush II (2013) and Over Run Over (2016), told ODN that she had asked her husband to stay in Hong Kong for now as she did not want him to take the plane.

Chu said the two of them stay at home mostly, stepping out only to buy groceries. Sixty people have been infected with the coronavirus in Hong Kong as of Monday.

The second runner-up at the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2012, Chu married Dr Ng, her childhood friend, in Bali, Indonesia, last August.

A Hong Kong magazine reported last month that Chu was believed to be pregnant for five months, but she clarified then that she was not and had just gained weight.

She told ODN said that she has since gone on a diet, but there are no plans to have a baby for now.

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