Colourful voices of characters

Girl group iRis not only sing, but also provide voices for the arcade game and anime franchise PriPara.
Girl group iRis not only sing, but also provide voices for the arcade game and anime franchise PriPara.PHOTO: ANIMAX

Girl group iRis were formed in 2012 and comprise six members, each of whom is associated with a specific colour. They are Saki Yamakita (Green), 24; Yu Serizawa (Blue), 21; Himika Akaneya (Purple), 21; Yuki Wakai (Red), 20; Miyu Kubota (Orange), 20; and Azuki Shibuya (Yellow), 22.

Their first single was Color (2012). They also provide voices for the arcade game and anime franchise PriPara, about girls realising their idol dreams.

They spoke to regional media backstage in between performing at Animax Musix 2015 Yokohama and helpfully wore their respective colours for easy identification.

How does it feel to be performing here?

Green: This is our third time performing at Animax Musix. The audience in Osaka was more energetic, but the crowd here is bigger and we're happy that there are more fans with lightsticks displaying our colours.

Do you have any special rituals before going on stage?

Purple: We would come together in a circle to bring up our energy.

How much time do you spend on rehearsals?

Green: We spend three to six hours training on our own every day and then come together two to three times to make sure we click.

How do you feel about Animax's initiative to hold these annual anisong concerts?

Purple: This kind of event gives us the chance to work with artists we have never worked with before. And everyone comes together for the finale song and that gives us a sense of connection that you get only from this event.

How do you stand out from other girl groups?

Green: We don't do lip-synching, it's all live harmonisation on stage. We're also the only idol group to do voice acting, every single one of us.

How do you come up with the voices for your characters?

Blue: When preparing for an anime character, I don't want to over- think it and want to feel the role instead.

Which is more fun, singing or voice acting?

Yellow: I enjoy interacting with the audience so I prefer singing.

Orange: Voice acting, because I like to imagine what audiences are thinking about.

Red: I'm happiest singing and I wanted to join the industry in the first place because of music.

Purple: I like acting and I can express myself through voice acting, but I also like interacting with the audience, so I can't choose.

Blue: I enjoy both as well as they offer different experiences.

Green: I prefer being an idol onstage as I'm not good with silences. I like to feed off the energy from other people.

Boon Chan

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