Cirque Du Soleil’s Ovo thrills audiences in London

As Cirque Du Soleil’s production Ovo comes to London one of the shows stars, British gymnast Alanna Baker, gives a behind the scenes sneak peek.

LONDON (Reuters) - It has got over ten different circus disciplines. And it has been seen by over five million people.

Now, after premiering in Montreal in 2009 - Cirque Du Soleil's production Ovo has come to London.

And for performer and choreographer Alanna Baker, it is "a "dream come true" - as the British 25-year-old is one of the world famous circus company's stars.

''So we're backstage at the Royal Albert Hall obviously where Cirque Du Soleil Ovo is performing right now. And I'm going to take you into our green room ... our backstage where we warm up and we can watch the TV. At the moment there's some 'crickets' (cast who play crickets in the show) warming up ready for their training but this is where we hang out before the show, when the show is happening and over here on the TV we can watch the live feed what's happening on stage," said Baker. 

Ovo, which means egg in Portuguese, is about a day in the life of a community of insects played by humans. And how they cope with the arrival of a mysterious egg and the foreigner inside it.

Baker takes the role of a deadly spider, one of seventeen critters in the two-hour show.

''So this is our wonderful wardrobe team that take care of all our costumes when we have problems. And this is mine here, so here it has the Black Widow the stomach, which people are then like 'oh yeah actually I see it','' added Baker.

Bugs, dreams and acrobatics are all part of Ovo's swarming circus performance, both on the stage and behind the scenes.