Chun Pui lifts dumb-bells in video as daughter dispels stroke rumours

Singer Lesley Chiang with her father Chun Pui (both left).
Singer Lesley Chiang with her father Chun Pui (both above).PHOTO: LESLEY CHIANG/INSTAGRAM

HONG KONG • Last July, there were rumours that veteran Hong Kong actor Chun Pui had been hospitalised due to stroke.

His daughter, singer Lesley Chiang, refuted them when she was approached by the media and posted a video of him doing 16 push-ups on Instagram to stop further speculation.

On Monday, the 34-year-old singer posted a video of Chun lifting dumb-bells and wrote, "Look at my 74-year-old father with his mask, gloves, and oh, MUSCLES!!

"Show this to your parents and grandparents! Nothing is more important now than self-isolating while staying healthy, fit and strong with regular exercise and a good attitude!"

The video shows Chun doing workouts which even some younger people may find difficult to do.

Chun's real name is Chiang Chang Nien and he is known as Brother Paul in Hong Kong show business. He has two other brothers in entertainment - younger brother, actor John Chiang, and half-brother, director Derek Yee.

Chun is known for playing both heroes and villains in Hong Kong dramas. He has played the roles of fathers in television serials such as Moments Of Endearment (1998), Family Man (2002) and Love Bond (2005); and bosses in series such as At The Threshold Of An Era (1999 and 2000).

He has two children - Lesley and son, singer Benji Chiang, 39, with ex-wife Thelma Leung. Lesley postponed her wedding on Feb 2 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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