Chuando bares it all

Chuando Tan will bare his buttocks for a murder drama film.
Chuando Tan will bare his buttocks for a murder drama film.PHOTO: CHUANDO_CHUANDOANDFREY/ INSTAGRAM

Fans of Chuando Tan, 53, have seen his impressive abs.

Now, they may be able to see the Singaporean - whose photos of his physique and youthful looks went viral in 2017 - bare his buttocks.

He appears in a movie - a murder drama - which requires him to strip for a shower scene and a sex scene.

But in an interview with, he said he is not sure how much skin viewers will get to see though it is quite certain that there will be no frontal nudity.

Tan, who continues to make his name as a fashion photographer, revealed that he had no reservations over stripping, reasoning that a committed actor must not shy away from what the script calls for.

Also, he noted that he had always been surrounded by models in various stages of undress in his work as a photographer.

The movie, whose title and release date are not confirmed yet, is helmed by Taiwanese director Wayne Peng. The movie also stars home-grown actor Tay Ping Hui.

The casting is a breakthrough for Tan, given that it gives him his first leading-man role, a milestone in his journey to flex his muscles as an actor too.

He has also spent time in China in a bid to cultivate contacts and get a foot in the show business door there.

Netizens first got a close-up view of his chiselled body when he posted photos online after he was told that it would help him net more photography assignments if clients knew how many followers he had.

His Instagram account now has 1.2 million followers.

Among those who marvel over how Tan is still in top shape is his movie's co-star Tay.

In a photo posted of the two together, Tay, 48, wrote in the caption: "It has been decades since we worked on a project together and this fella has not aged a day."

The pair were once models who were signed with the same agency.

Tay, like Tan, has expanded his career horizons, bagging acting work in China in a bid to expose himself to a much bigger market.

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