Chow Yun Fat continues filming with head wound

HONG KONG • Veteran Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat has been praised for his professionalism after he continued filming a movie despite being injured.

He was shooting the film Sunny Days recently when the accident happened, reports said on Thursday.

In the scene, he was threatened by actor Kenny Wong with hair spray over a debt.

Wong was preparing to toss the hair spray from his left hand to his right when the cover of the spray came off, with the bottle flying towards Chow's forehead.

Chow, whose forehead began to bleed after it was hit by the bottle, continued acting as if it was part of the script.

He used his hand to staunch the bleeding after filming of the scene ended and walked out of the studio to take a break. The crew only realised then that his forehead was bleeding profusely and rushed over to assess his injury.

His wife Jasmine Tan, who was present, told Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News that she was shocked when she saw blood all over his face.

Chow, 63, wanted to continue filming after his wound was cleaned, but director Anthony Pun and action choreographer Nicky Li advised him to seek treatment.

The actor agreed to go to a hospital, where he received five stitches as the doctor was concerned about the risk of infection. He stayed there for about two hours before returning to the studio to have a late lunch and continue filming.

Chow last month received a Best Actor nomination for the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in the crime thriller Project Gutenberg (2018). He will be vying for the award with Aaron Kwok, his co-star in the movie.

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