Chow Yun Fat takes a break to focus on health

Chow Yun Fat taking a wefie with the Hong Kong audience watching Cold War 2.
Chow Yun Fat taking a wefie with the Hong Kong audience watching Cold War 2.

HONG KONG • His latest movie Cold War 2 is a hit in Hong Kong, but actor Chow Yun Fat said he is laying off movies, for now.

The movie icon had returned to a dramatic role in Cold War 2 after a run of comedies, with the thriller breaking opening-day box-office records in Hong Kong and China earlier this month.

Although producers are reportedly now eyeing him for Cold War 3, Chow, 61, told Oriental Daily News he wants to stop work temporarily to focus on his health.

In an interview seen on Oriental's website, however, he ruled out retirement.

"I haven't received scripts," he said. "If I see any script that I like and if producers want me, I could ask for filming to be done next year."

"This year, I have a goal to achieve. I hope to be fitter," the trekking buff continued, saying he hoped to train in the summer before trekking up Hong Kong's mountains in the winter.

He went on to praise the autumn colours of Hong Kong, which may be enjoyed without having to fly to any destination, he said. He also said Hong Kong's country parks are easily accessible, adding: "That's why I cherish every autumn and winter in Hong Kong. I have no desire to go anywhere else and would only remain here."

Stressing the importance of health, he said he has overtaxed his body and it was time to rebuild it.

Chow, who went into show business when he was 18, said he exercises daily by walking for half an hour, running for another 30 minutes and working his muscles to avoid having to use crutches in future.

Last Thursday, the King of Selfies obliged fans asking for pictures when he and his wife Jasmine Tan turned up at a Hong Kong cinema to watch Cold War 2.

After the show, he took a wefie with the audience.

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