Chinese actress Wang Luodan gets a fright when man rushes to stage to propose to her

The man tried to give Chinese actress Wang Luodan a box before security reacted. PHOTO: VARIETY MEDIA/WEIBO

In July, Hong Kong actor Simon Yam was stabbed in the abdomen by a man at a promotional event in Zhongshan in China.

Even as that terrifying incident is still fresh in fans' minds, they are now jolted by another scare, raising the question of whether celebrities are adequately protected at public events.

On Monday (Dec 9), in an event to promote movie Gone With The Light, Chinese actress Wang Luodan, 35, was the target of a man who rushed to the stage to propose to her.

Even as she said no and told him to leave her alone, he still managed to hold her hands for a couple of seconds. He tried to give her a box before the security team reacted.

In the sudden surprise of the moment, the other people on stage failed to come to her rescue too, reported the 38jiejie portal.

Wang, shaken by the close shave, reportedly was at a loss for words when the emcee later asked her to share her insights about the movie.

The actress, who attended the US Open tennis tournament in New York in September along with singers Coco Lee and JJ Lin, has won awards for her craft.

In 2013, she took a Golden Rooster prize for Best Supporting Actress.

The Golden Rooster event is China's bid to overtake Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, viewed as the Oscars of the Chinese-language movie world .

Wang's club members said the man, who proposed to her, has also been spotted at other events attended by the actress.

He has shown up at places where she was working.

In the incident involving Yam, the attacker is believed to be of unsound mind.

The actor has almost returned to his previous physical fitness after several operations.

Over in South Korea, fans of Twice singer Nayeon are currently perturbed that a German man has returned to Seoul to try to get in touch with the artist.

Called Josh, he said previously that he wants to marry the girl-group member so that they can relocate to Australia.

He has denied talk that he is a stalker and said he is fond of her only for what she is as a person, not because she is a pop star.

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