Chiling Lin keeps mum about alleged romance

Supermodel Chiling Lin in Malaysia, in a picture posted on Nov 9.
Supermodel Chiling Lin in Malaysia, in a picture posted on Nov 9.PHOTO: CHILING LIN/WEIBO

TAIPEI • Is the Chiling Lin-Jerry Yan romance on, off or what?

The supermodel has spoken through her company's Weibo page, and not only is she not saying, but she is also asking people around her not to speak on her behalf.

The post came on Monday night, after Liberty Times quoted Lin as telling a close friend she had "not yet" got back together with actor Yan.

Lin is popularly known as Chiling Jiejie or Chiling Sister. Her company's statement on Weibo read: "Everyone's enthusiastic response cannot represent Jiejie's thinking. Only the studio's statements are Jiejie's official replies."

Former couple Lin, 42, and Yan, 40, hit the headlines over the weekend, after they were photographed together in Kuala Lumpur.

He said they were "sincerely looking after each other", a statement that added grist to the rumour mill.

Reports also quoted Lin's mother, brother and associates as giving their blessings, or not, to the two.

On Monday, the model asked the media to respect her privacy.

The statement read: "If there's good news, Jiejie will choose to be open and share her joy with everyone. We also hope the media will stop disturbing Jiejie's family and friends."

Both Lin and Yan left Malaysia for China on Sunday, said Apple Daily.

The model landed in Chongqing. The actor's exact location is unclear.

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