Chiling Lin: 'I'm not pregnant'

Chiling Lin wore tight-fitting clothes at the events she attended in Dubai last Saturday.
Chiling Lin wore tight-fitting clothes at the events she attended in Dubai last Saturday. PHOTO: LIN CHILING STUDIO/WEIBO

DUBAI • After weeks of pregnancy and marriage rumours, Taiwanese model Chiling Lin has put her foot down.

"I'm not pregnant, I'm not married, I haven't been to Bali this month, I'm not in a relationship now," she said last Saturday in Dubai, where she attended the opening of a Longines store, Apple Daily reported.

She stressed she would not lie, and added: "If there's good news, I'll be happy to share it with everyone."

Lin, 43, has been linked again to her former boyfriend, actor Jerry Yan, 41, after they were photographed together in Kuala Lumpur in November last year. Early this year, she took two months off from work, prompting online speculation that she had a bun in the oven.

Her manager said she was suffering from an immune system disorder after getting a cold. But the baby rumours returned with a vengeance last month, when Lin made a public appearance in a floaty dress.

Last Saturday, she wore close-fitting clothes to her events in Dubai.

She said she had kept herself under a "transparent protective cover" for a long time because of work and it had been difficult for anyone to approach her. In the past two years, she has tried to be more open, but has not met the right person, she added.

Every year, some fortune teller or other would predict that Lin would wed that year. She said: "Thank you, masters, but I really haven't."

As for the never-ending rumours and fake news, she answered: "It matters to those who are interested and not to those who are indifferent."

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