Cheese In The Trap star Seo Kang Jun finds it cathartic to be a rebel

Seo Kang Jun is in Singapore to promote the drama Cheese In The Trap.
Seo Kang Jun is in Singapore to promote the drama Cheese In The Trap. ST PHOTO: ALICIA CHAN

Actor Seo Kang Jun, star of the currently popular Korean drama Cheese In The Trap, enjoys a rising celebrity status that could easily gain him access to glitzy parties to mingle with fellow stars now.

It is a perk he could do without, though.

In town to promote Cheese In The Trap, he tells The Straits Times on Friday (Feb 19) that he prefers solitude to revelry.

"I enjoy alone time in my personal life. I like taking walks by the river. I enjoy watching movies alone, rather than with others. I find that watching a movie alone helps me focus and get into the movie," says Seo, 22 , who also held a meet-and-greet with fans at Suntec City on Friday evening. This is his first promotional trip to Singapore.

Since making his show business debut three years ago as part of idol actor group 5urprise, he has quickly progressed to helming second male lead roles, such as the charming heir Gook Seung Hyun in Cunning Single Lady (2014) and as the brash softie Baek In Ho in dark romance Cheese in the Trap.

At the media session, he looked like he was in character as Baek with his tousled hair and an outfit of a black biker jacket and ripped jeans. Looking like a rebel, he knew, was easy with the help of a stylist. But he was concerned that he could not play the short-fused, fist-fighting Baek convincingly given his calm temperament in real life.

But his worries turned out to be unfounded - he found the fighting to be cathartic. He says: "I'm nothing like the wild and rough Baek In Ho. There was a scene where I had to fight for the female lead Hong Seol. I was kicking and even crashed a car. I felt like my stress was released."

Cheese In The Trap airs on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) on Sundays at 10pm.