Charmed by Iran and its people

Lee Siew Hua's lovely travel stories on Iran (A Journey Through Iran on June 26 and Faces Of Iran on July 3) brought back memories.

I visited Teheran with my wife around 2003 while doing consulting work and found the Iranians to be a hospitable and gracious people.

Once, two young Iranians asked me which two civilisations were the greatest in the world. They proudly answered their own question: Persia and China. I realised that they were bound or influenced by the old Silk Road.

My minder took me to a traditional Iranian dinner where the entertainers played and sang the theme song from Godfather in English.

When travelling in the sprawling suburbs of Iran, I was pleasantly surprised to see graffiti scrawled in pink on a wall: "Long live Pink Floyd!"


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I love watching Iranian movies. They are heartwarming, funny and poignant. It shows that you can make great movies despite censorship.

Charles Quah

Major thanks to travel writer Lee Siew Hua for inspiring me to want to experience Iran myself.

Her two-part Iran travelogue captivated me with the description of the Iranians' friendliness and open- heartedness. This language of the heart shines through despite language barriers. 

Iran, being the heart of Persia, exudes an exotic, mystical charm and is replete with so much history that speaks to the history nerd in me.

Thank you for igniting the spark of adventure in me again.

Pearlynn Ang

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