Hong Kong director-actor Chapman To flies to Ipoh just for fried chicken

KUALA LUMPUR • Singaporean foodies visiting Ipoh rave about its cheap and good options, such as horfun, white coffee and beansprout chicken.

For Hong Kong director-actor Chapman To, it is the fried chicken that motivates him to fly all the way to the Malaysian town to indulge.

On Facebook, he wrote recently: "Just for this fried chicken, I am back."

Malaysian newspaper The Star said he spiced up his post with photographs of the dish.

"So succulent, even the chicken breast can be so tender, it is really out of this world," To, 46, said.

He also provided proof that he was not alone in feeling so, including a photo that showed a queue of customers and adding that he did not mind getting fat from over-eating the fried chicken.

Perhaps wary of having to endure another long wait for the dish the next time he visited, he did not name the place he visited.

But when food-loving netizens asked for the address, To did provide it.

The place - Kedai Makanan Canning Garden - is at 27, Lorong Cecil Rae, Canning Garden in Ipoh.

According to online reviews of the coffee shop, another must-try item from the food stalls there is chee cheong fun.

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