Celebrities who look strikingly familiar after using Faceapp's gender-swop feature

Hong Kong actors Philip Keung (left) and Sam Lee posted photos of themselves after they used the FaceApp gender swap filter. PHOTOS: PHILIP KEUNG/INSTAGRAM, SAM LEE/INSTAGRAM

Last year, Faceapp let users apply filters to make themselves look younger or older. And now, its latest feature lets users change their gender.

Several celebrities looked strikingly familiarafter they used the feature and posted the photos on social media.

Some fans noted that Hong Kong actor Philip Keung looked like actress Sheren Tang, while others asked if he was preparing to film a sequel to the movie Tracey (2018).

Keung was nominated for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) in 2019 for his role as a middle-aged man who finally admitted he was a transgender woman in Tracey.

And Hong Kong actress Jennifer Yu, who played Keung's daughter in Tracey, was said to resemble actor Matthew Ko in her gender switcheroo.

Meanwhile, singer Sammi Cheng declared that Hong Kong actor Sam Lee was "Sammi 2.0", while actress Cilla Kung said Lee could now contest the Best Actress award.

Cheng was nominated for Best Actress for her roles in two movies, Fagara and Fatal Visit, at the HKFA this year.

Malaysian singer Z-Chen was a dead ringer for Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao in his photo, while some said he looked like Taiwanese singer Landy Wen.

Hong Kong actress Jennifer Yu's photo after she used the FaceApp gender swap filter. PHOTO: JENNIFER YU/INSTAGRAM

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