Cardi B files application to trademark her catchphrase 'Okurrr'

Rapper Cardi B performs at RodeoHouston in Texas on March 1, 2019.
Rapper Cardi B performs at RodeoHouston in Texas on March 1, 2019.PHOTO: AFP

NEW YORK - Cardi B is seldom at a loss for words and she now hopes to profit from her catchphrase "Okurrr".

If you cannot pronounce it, here is a helpful hint from the rapper who said the phrase was "almost like OK but the 'okay' is played out" with rolled Rs.

If you need further help, you can buy her Grammy-winning album, Invasion Of Privacy (2018), where she uses the phrase throughout.

But Cardi B, 26, does not believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, filing an application in March to trademark the phrase to cover products such as T-shirts, posters and cups, reported the BBC.

To avoid any attempt to side-step the copyright, she has also sought protection for another spelling of her catchphrase, with two Rs.

When some netizens voiced disdain over her seemingly money-grabbing ways, she tweeted: "White folk do it all the time so you gonna be mad at me? While I'm still here, I'm gonna secure all the (benefits)."

Meanwhile, the rapper' lawyers are also busy filing lawsuits against two bloggers for describing Cardi B as a prostitute and speculating about her daughter's health.