Cancelled: Pulau Zombie role-play event on St John's Island

Pulau Zombie was planned as a 13-hour adventure set amid a "zombie apocalypse" on St John's Island. PHOTO: VOID DECK GAMES

SINGAPORE - Pulau Zombie did not have a chance to go live.

The anticipated role-play event to have been held next month on St John's Island was planned as a 13-hour adventure set amid a zombie apocalypse. It has been cancelled because its organiser Void Deck Games has not received the necessary permits for it.

It had already sold out all its 55 tickets and the organiser will issue full refunds to ticket holders. The wait list for the event had more than 500 names on it.

Co-founder of Void Deck Games, Mr Raihan Harun, told The Straits Times that organisers made the decision to refund ticket holders as they had not received official confirmation from Singapore Land Authority, which manages the island, or a Public Entertainment License. The applications are still under review.

He explained: "We didn't want to risk having to disappoint participants at the last minute. If the result was negative and too close to the day itself it would have been a big blow so we feel it was the more responsible thing to do to cancel the event now."

The 37-year-old added that they had made phone calls to apologise to some of the 55 ticket holders and will reach out to everyone eventually.

There are plans for a sequel event, Pulau Zombie: Bad Blood, to be held in October at Sarimbun Scout Camp but tickets for it have not been released for sale yet.

Mr Harun says: "Void Deck Games will do everything possible to create an island zombie experience. It will be a series of negotiations to make this happen. The October game will be crucial test bed for our ideas.

"We are in this for the long run to create a startling immersive experience entertainment for this region."

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