Caine won't work with Allen again

LONDON • Colin Firth, Timothee Chalamet, Mira Sorvino and Peter Sarsgaard have voiced their regret over working with director Woody Allen, 82.

Now, add Michael Caine (right) to the list, with the actor telling The Guardian that he would never again team up with Allen - who has been accused of sexual abuse by daughter Dylan Farrow.

Caine, 84, who bagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1987 for Allen's film Hannah And Her Sisters, said: "I'm a patron of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and have very strong views about paedophilia. I can't come to terms with it because I loved Woody and had a wonderful time with him. I even introduced him to (actress) Mia Farrow."

The actor added: "I don't regret working with him, which I did in complete innocence; but I wouldn't work with him again, no."

When the allegations first surfaced during Allen's bitter split from Mia Farrow in 1992, he was not charged, although an American prosecutor said there was probable cause for a criminal case.

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