Bruce Lee's daughter hits out at Quentin Tarantino for not consulting her over Lee's portrayal in new movie

Shannon Lee runs the estate of Bruce Lee, who died at age 32 in 1973 at the height of his fame. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee is taking jabs at film-maker Quentin Tarantino.

A trailer for his upcoming movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has scenes featuring gongfu legend Lee (played by actor Mike Moh).

But Shannon Lee told trade publication Deadline that Tarantino did not consult her.

"If they contacted me, I could be completely unreasonable and make all kinds of ridiculous demands, but they don't know that I'm not going to do that.

"A lot of times, the best practice is: 'We'll just stay away from that so we don't have to even open that can of worms,'" she noted.

But Shannon Lee, 50, counter-attacked that Tarantino did inform the sister of slain actress Sharon Tate, who is also a character in the movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

"With Tarantino's film, to not have been included in any kind of way, when I know that he reached out to other people but did not reach out to me, there's a level of annoyance," Shannon Lee added.

"Let's just see how the universe deals with this one," she said.

She does not know how the plot treats Bruce Lee, hoping only that the film will do justice to him.

Shannon Lee runs the estate of the gongfu icon who died at age 32 in 1973 at the height of his fame.

Saying that she is not a control freak, she added, however, that any project "has to be in alignment with my father's legacy and with my family's legacy".

"We can be as creative and as free and as awesome as we want to be, but if you come to me and say: 'I want to make a buddy cop movie where Bruce Lee goes around giving people the death touch and scaling walls like Spider-Man', I'm going to say no."

But Shannon Lee said yes when Justin Lin, who has directed several Fast & Furious movies, asked if they could work together on a Bruce Lee project.

She is the executive producer of Cinemax action drama Warrior, adapted from an idea for a TV series which Bruce Lee himself wrote and pitched to Warner.

Warrior is set against the backdrop of vicious fights for control of San Francisco's Chinatown in the second half of the 19th century.

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