Breakout stars on idols and ideal love

Once fans with their own screen heroes, the young cast of Our Times are now bona fide idols, with adoring fans even outside their native Taiwan.

The breakout stars - Darren Wang, 24, Vivian Sung, 22 and Dino Lee, 22 - were in Malaysia over the weekend to promote the movie.

Director Frankie Chen and her two leading men drew about 2,000 fans to a meet-and-greet session held at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya on Sunday.

Life speaks to the cast to find out about their childhood idols and ideal love interests.

In real life, which of the reel characters is your ideal girl - the amiable klutz Truly or campus belle Minmin?

Lee: I would choose Truly. I like girls who are natural and genuine.

Wang: I would choose Truly too, because the actress playing Minmin is not present (laughs). Seriously, a guy will be moved by a girl who loves him unconditionally.

In real life, which of the reel characters is your ideal guy - cheeky troublemaker Hsu Tai-yu or A-star student Ouyang Extraordinary?

Sung: Hsu Tai-yu is suitable for dating because he's so much fun. He will bring much excitement to your life. Ouyang is husband material because he makes you feel safe.

You once had idols and now you have your own fans and have starred in a hit movie. How does it feel?

Lee: Every time I watch myself on the big screen, it will hit me that I'm actually in a movie. I'm still getting used to the idea.

I made my debut as a singer. Initially, I, too, wasn't used to hearing my songs being played on TV or radio.

Sung: I like to watch myself onscreen because I work really hard on my projects.

Sometimes, I'll see if I look fat onscreen. Then, I will analyse my acting. Of course, I'm still a fan at heart when I see my idols. When I met Andy Lau, I totally became a fangirl.

Wang: I'm an actor. I don't really care about such things.

Who is your childhood idol? Who are the actors or singers you wish to work with?

Sung: I was in a band in my schooldays. I admire Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne. When it comes to acting, I wish to work with American actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Though Andy Lau and I star in Our Times, I didn't get to act opposite him. Hopefully, I will have a chance next time.

Lee: My idol is atypical of my peers. I grew up with the music that my father listens to, such as Taiwanese veteran singers Jonathan Lee and Chyi Chin. If I have a chance, I hope to work with them.

Wang: I like Hong Kong actress Sharla Cheung because I grew up watching her movies. But I'd like to work with Chinese actress Yao Chen because we have a similar characteristic (points to his wide grin). I watch her shows and think she's a great actress.

Gwendolyn Ng

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