Bonnie Tyler to sing Total Eclipse Of The Heart to mark Monday's solar eclipse

MIAMI (AFP) - It is a pop culture moment for the ages.

Bonnie Tyler will sing her mega-hit Total Eclipse Of The Heart - on a cruise ship - before an actual total eclipse of the sun.

The 66-year-old British singer will perform her 1983 power ballad on the Royal Caribbean ship Oasis Of The Seas prior to Monday's eclipse, which will be visible across the United States, the company said.

"Bonnie Tyler was a natural choice for this once-in-a-lifetime moment," Royal Caribbean International chief executive Michael Bayley told Time magazine.

Interest in Tyler's signature song typically surges whenever there is an eclipse - which happen on average every year and a half somewhere around the globe.

The song's video on YouTube had more than 303 million views as of Thursday, four days before the eclipse.