K-pop sex scandal

BigBang agency chief under scrutiny

SEOUL • Heads have rolled in the K-pop scandal and the boss of BigBang's agency, YG Entertainment, could be next to get the chop.

With the company's share price taking a 25 per cent walloping amid news that former BigBang singer Seungri, 28, procured prostitutes for VIP clients of his Burning Sun club, investors are now directing their anger at its chief executive Yang Hyun-suk.

Complaints have been filed with the authorities against Mr Yang, 49, for not supervising the company's artists carefully.

The K-pop industry was swamped by a deluge of bad press last week as the police went after artists, resulting in four of them, including Seungri, announcing their retirement from show business.

Accusations have ranged from the sharing of videos of women filmed in sex acts to collusion with corrupt policemen to keep illegal acts, such as drink-driving and drug use, under wraps.

Yesterday, rock band FT Island's former member Choi Jong-hoon, 29, was allowed to go home after a 21-hour police questioning.

According to lifestyle portal allkpop, he told reporters he had not held back on revealing everything he knew.

Talk has it that bribes were paid to prevent the media from finding out about his drink-driving case in 2016.

Choi's former agency stated last week that he would leave the industry and reflect on his behaviour.

A top police official, who reportedly worked with Burning Sun to prevent any punishment for illegal acts, has confessed to having ties with its management under questioning by the authorities.

But the officer, who has been transferred to another department, has denied lending a helping hand.

As the K-pop storm shows no signs of letting up, some netizens have begun to grow weary of the daily revelations.

They question why Cha Tae-hyun, 42, a cast member of variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, had to bow out of all his programmes just because he was involved in betting with a fellow castmate over who would get a better score in their golf outings.

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