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Barbie Hsu expecting third child


TAIPEI • Two weeks after she was hospitalised for an epileptic fit brought on by a cold, actress Barbie Hsu confirmed reports on Wednesday that she is expecting a third child.

Hsu, 41, told Apple Daily she was seven weeks pregnant and worried "because my body can't really take it, I'm too old".

She said she and her husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei (both above), 36, had conceived the child "in a very unlikely situation and we all think it's Heaven's will".

The couple have a daughter and a son, and Hsu had previously said she would not have a third child.

"The lesson I've learnt from this pregnancy is that people really can't be too tee kee," she said on Wednesday, using a Hokkien expression for headstrong.

"After I had my second child, I said I would never have another one, but I became pregnant after I lost weight. I can't say such tee kee words anymore."

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