Baekhyun voted SuperM leader

Baekhyun is now the leader of SuperM.
Baekhyun is now the leader of SuperM.PHOTO: BAEKHYUNEE_EXO/ INSTAGRAM

SEOUL • With less than three weeks to go before new South Korean boy band SuperM make their debut, the seven members - drafted from existing boy groups NCT, EXO and Shinee - are ready to battle juggernaut BTS for world domination. And they have a leader.

That person is EXO member Baekhyun, who said firmly: "Ah, I wouldn't mind being leader."

The SuperM members were hosting an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, where the selection of a leader was touched on.

Baekhyun named Taemin as his choice but the Shinee singer said: "Since we practised a lot together, I noticed that Baekhyun takes especially good care of the other members and I rely a lot on him as well.

"I personally want to request that Baekhyun take on the role."

Kai, who is also from EXO, said: "Both in EXO and in SuperM, you (Baekhyun) have a lot of influence on the group dynamics."

Baekhyun accepted the task, saying: "Okay, so it's been decided that I'll be the leader. Thank you."

SuperM, whose other four members are NCT's Taeyong, Mark, Ten and Lucas, are set to make their debut in the United States on Oct 4.

They were in Dubai recently to shoot a video and have adopted the "we are the future" hashtag to signal that they mean business.

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