Baby hands are all the rage among celebrities, can you guess who posted these pictures?

It is not uncommon for celebrity parents to take to social media to show off pictures of their newborn babies. Some however have found a unique approach in sharing their new bundle of joy with the world - snapping a picture of their baby's hands.

Fresh out of the delivery room, celebrities are hopping on the latest trend by taking pictures of their newborn's hands.

Pictures often depict the baby reaching out to mum or dad's hands in what can be seen as a bonding between parent and child.

We picked some of the more famous pictures that were posted by celebrities. Can you guess who are the famous parents behind the adorable pictures?

Known for being extremely private regarding his personal life, this celebrity shared a solitary picture of his daughter with his fans back in 2012. He is known to be one of the very first celebrities to start the trend.

This homegrown star shared a picture of her newborn with the message 'Ten fingers, ten toes. You have arrived, dear son.'

This celebrity snapped a picture of his daughter's feet instead of hands. The post which was shared on Facebook garnered over 260,000 likes.

This social media queen posted this endearing picture on Instagram, garnering over 1.6 million likes. It does help that daddy is also a global superstar, he has over 16.8 million followers on Twitter.

Crouching tiger hidden baby. This is one of the more recent pictures. This actress shared a picture of her first child with her rocker husband at the end of last year. In the picture, the baby's long and slender fingers are almost identical to her mum's.