Artists always produce their best

I read with interest Akshita Nanda's well-written column on arts funding by the Government (The Fear Of Funding Cuts, Life, Nov 24).

She wrote that "the need for funding from official sources is causing artists to rein themselves in and, by extension, rob consumers like me of their best work".

During the Renaissance, Michelangelo was reluctant to accept the Sistine Chapel project. He considered himself a sculptor rather than a painter.

But because of papal orders, he could not say no. He even wrote a sonnet on how miserable he was with this commission. But at the end of four years (1508-1512), he produced such a marvellous piece of work. A true artist will always be true to his art and produce his best, regardless of the source of commission or funding.

Poonam Bhandari

It is right for the Government to be concerned about artists' interpretation of Singapore.

We must not insult the Singapore Story because some artists need to exercise their artistic licence to feel good about themselves.

Yeo Kiee

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