Arab street bazaar

Ms Rosinar Latip (right), owner of the T Bob eatery, at T Bob's Honey BBQ Ribs with one of her stall assistants.
Ms Rosinar Latip (right), owner of the T Bob eatery, at T Bob's Honey BBQ Ribs with one of her stall assistants.PHOTO: GIN TAY FOR THE STRAITS TIMES
Owner of Botakmania Mohammed Yassin Harin with smoothies that his stall sells.
Owner of Botakmania Mohammed Yassin Harin with smoothies that his stall sells.PHOTO: GIN TAY FOR THE STRAITS TIMES
Hotel jen’s kitchen-on-the-go.
Hotel jen’s kitchen-on-the-go.PHOTO: HUAI PENG


What: T Bob's honey barbecue ribs have returned after a seven-year absence from the Ramadan foodfest in Arab Street. Grilled beef ribs (up to $20 for 650g) and lamb ribs (up to $10 for 300g) are available. Lamb racks are sold on weekends only (up to $60 for 800g).

The meats are marinated overnight, baked at the T Bob eatery in Bedok North, then grilled at the stall, with a total cooking time of two to three hours. The owner recommends having the ribs with your own rice, bread or mashed potatoes for a satisfying meal.

Where: Stall B27, Arab Street bazaar

Open: 3 to 8pm on weekday; noon to 8pm on weekend



What: Gulping down one of Botakmania's smoothies is a great way to cool down in the open-air bazaar. Even though this family-run business has been a mainstay at the bazaar for 30 years, new flavours are available this year to draw new customers.

The full menu: icy chendol, chendol bandung, blueberry smoothie, strawberry smoothie, coconut smoothie, mango smoothie (all $4 a cup) and mango blast ($6). The new mango blast is the most popular, made purely from mangoes with mango bits to chew on. It is also selling tacos for the first time, with beef or chicken ($5 each).

Where: Stall B25, Arab Street bazaar

Open: 2.30 to 8pm daily




What: Goreng pisang with a twist - traditional Malay fried banana fritters with sweet and savoury toppings. Toppings offered are cheese with salted caramel ($4), condensed milk ($4) and Nutella ($4.50).

Five to six pieces of banana fried in a special homemade batter are served in take-out boxes.

Nutella is the most popular flavour and the salted caramel version is from a home recipe.

All the goreng pisang are made on the spot, so expect to wait up to 30 minutes during the peak period in the afternoon.

Where: Stall F14, Woodlands bazaar,

Open: 3 to 11pm daily. To avoid queues, go after 8pm



What: Orchard Road's Hotel Jen is taking its food to the heartland. The menu consists of New Zealand lamb shank with basmati rice ($12), beef lasagne ($6), pulled beef burger ($5) and cinnamon rolls ($7).

Diners have taken to the food well - last Sunday alone, 600 pieces of lamb were sold, along with 120kg of rice. The stall also sells Thai iced milk tea ($2), which comes with either condensed or evaporated milk. It is brewed with both Thai red tea leaves and golden tea leaves, making it creamy with a hint of bitterness.

Where: Stall F45, Woodlands bazaar

Open: 2pm daily, usually sold out by 7pm. Peak period is from 5 to 6pm. Last day is on July 15


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