April Leung gives her side of story on betrayal

HONG KONG• April Leung still cannot get over her betrayal by former boyfriend Steven Cheung.

The model has posted a video three weeks after the Boyz singer announced late last month that he was going to marry a fan and that they were already parents of a toddler.

Initially, Leung posted about her confusion over the bolt out of the blue and is now using the video to give her side of the story.

In the video labelled Something To Share, she confirmed that she and Cheung dated for five years.

Though they did not share as much time together in the latter part of their relationship, she said she had no inkling he was seeing other women.

Leung revealed that he helped her overcome her dependency on medication for depression which she was taking before they started dating.

She added that she is now in a better state of mind after being initially devastated by Cheung's sudden announcement of his marriage, but noted that it will take time to heal all emotional scars.

The singer has issued apologies to Leung and other women who claimed that he had also courted them and borrowed money.

He has told the media he does not intend to throw a wedding reception on his big day.

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