Anthony Wong wins TVB's Best Actor Award and weeps: 'I thought I'd win an Oscar next'

Golden Horse winner Anthony Wong.
Golden Horse winner Anthony Wong. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

HONG KONG - In a year without a great hit, TVB was saved by Golden Horse winner Anthony Wong.

He shored up the broadcaster by starring in its major historical drama, Lord Of Shanghai, as wartime mob boss Du Yuesheng.

And he classed up its annual awards presentation on Sunday, when he won Best Actor and gave an acceptance speech that was comical, topical and gracious.

"Does everyone who comes up here have to cry?" asked Wong, who has won several Golden Horse and Hong Kong Film Awards, said Ming Pao Daily News and Apple Daily.

He then pretended to sob, as he told a joke that was a jab at himself and the TVB Awards: "I thought I'd won a Film Award and an Oscar would be next."

Turning more serious, he denied a rumour that he throws away his trophies after winning them, and added that he would cherish his TVB Award. "I hear it's real gold. I'll store it in a cabinet."

Alluding to the ongoing online sale of the late pop star Anita Mui's awards and other belongings, he said recent events had made him unhappy, reported Ming Pao.

"An award isn't simply for your own hard work, but it also represents many others' hard work, and it should be treasured and respected by everyone. I hope all performers will continue to work hard for our dignity and careers."

A former ATV and TVB actor, he thanked TVB for letting someone as "unruly" as him return to TV, said Apple Daily.

Finally, he thanked a long list of people, including the driver who took him to the set of the show in China.

Lord Of Shanghai also won Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor for Willie Wai.

A stunned Nancy Wu was named Best Actress for her role as a ghost in a love triangle in the romantic comedy Ghost Of Relativity, said Ming Pao. Wu, who had taken more than 10 years to rise through the ranks, was in tears as she said her fellow stars, Liza Wang and Kristal Tin, would always be her heroines.

Elaine Yiu won Best Supporting Actress for the time travel drama Captain Of Destiny.