Anthony Wong has illegitimate son

Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong admitted to the media that he has an illegitimate son whom he met for dinner, on June 27, 2018.
Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong admitted to the media that he has an illegitimate son whom he met for dinner, on June 27, 2018.PHOTO: APPLE DAILY

HONG KONG • Famed Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, who was reunited earlier this year with two older half-brothers he never knew existed, has admitted to the media that he has an illegitimate son.

Wong's admission came after a reader identified only as Joyce disclosed to Hong Kong's Apple Daily that she gave birth to his son in Britain 20 years ago.

Wong admitted that it was true when Apple Daily sought confirmation with him and said he did not regret the incident.

He added that he had, in fact, just met his son William for dinner on Wednesday before William returned to Britain.

Wong, 56, was famous for his role as Police Superintendent Wong Chi Shing in the Infernal Affairs movie series and has acted in Hollywood movie The Mummy: Tomb Of the Dragon Emperor (2008).

He went on social media last year to look for his father who left him as a child, and succeeded in reuniting with his two half-brothers in Australia in March this year.

Joyce contacted Apple Daily after the news made headlines and said she is the mother of Wong's illegitimate son.

She disclosed that Wong, who has been married for 26 years, has a 19-year-old illegitimate son. She also produced a photo which Wong took with William.

Wong married his wife Ng Wai Zing in 1992 and they have two sons. He has lived separately from his wife and sons for many years, but remains on good terms with them.

Wong said in a phone interview with Apple Daily that he would admit that William was his son if he were asked about him, and that he did not regret it.

As to Joyce's allegation that he has never visited his son in Britain, he replied that he has maintained contact with William, but did not know where Joyce lived as she moved frequently.

He also said that he was not worried that the admission would affect his image, and added that William has met his elderly mother and his two sons. He said that his wife was aware of William's presence.

He was willing to admit that William was his son as he did not want to make the same mistake as his late father.

Joyce told Apple Daily that William was born in Britain on Oct 12, 1998.

She said she first met Wong at the age of 17 and they dated for 10 years. She gave birth to William when she was 23.

She said she was shuttling between Hong Kong and Britain at that time and gave up her career in Britain to stay in Hong Kong. She left Hong Kong when she was 25 and broke up with Wong at 27.

She said she did not regret what she has done.

"He used to be the love of my life and, until now, I am still willing to do anything for him," she wrote.

She said that Wong and William keep in touch and that William went to Hong Kong recently to meet him. She said that Wong has also provided money for William's education.

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