Angry Birds fly high at box office

The Angry Birds Movie has soared at the box office this weekend, claiming the top spot from Captain America.

UNITED STATES (Reuters) - A group of birds have swooped in and taken the top spot at the box office. In its opening weekend, The Angry Birds Movie pecked at US$39 million (S$53.8 million) in North American ticket sales.

These feisty, flightless birds have transcended the video game app from which they originated.

And now, in their first motion picture, they're out to defend what's rightly theirs from a group of swine.

Captain America: Civil War has fallen to No. 2 with US$33.1 million in ticket sales, but these superheros are now tied with 2012's The Hunger Games movie as the 17th highest-grosser in its third weekend.

And some would say that was worth the fight.

Scheming neighbours have come together to get some wild sorority sisters off their street.

With all the glitz, glam and humor, Neighbours 2 has placed third this week, with US$21.7 million.

We'll see if the girls will stick around awhile longer.