Angelababy's son 'a gift to husband'

Angelababy, with her husband Huang Xiaoming and their son, nicknamed Little Sponge, after being discharged from a hospital in Hong Kong on Jan 19, 2017. PHOTO: APPLE DAILY

TAIPEI • Actress Angelababy's son is her gift to her husband, actor Huang Xiaoming, and she would not have had the baby so early if Huang was not turning 40 this year, she said.

The 28-year-old, who is going back to work after maternity leave, was speaking to Harper's Bazaar magazine.

"If he were younger, I wouldn't have had a child so early," she said.

The Chinese celebrity couple welcomed a son in Hong Kong in January, less than two years after they wed in Shanghai.

During the pregnancy, Angelababy said she tirelessly brainwashed Huang into thinking that "even if there's a child, I come first".

She said they agreed that they should still be like husband and wife, even after becoming daddy and mummy.

Parenthood has led to friction between the couple, she admitted.

Once, she expressed her milk and asked her husband to refrigerate it immediately, but he did not lift a finger as he was busy discussing work.

So she ignored him and went to sleep in anger, before he later protested: "Why are you doing this to me?"

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