Andy Lau look-alike now in insurance

Former TVB star Kong Wah
Former TVB star Kong WahPHOTO: APPLE DAILY

Hong Kong - Former TVB star Kong Wah, who has been fading out of show business in the past decade, has joined the insurance industry, says Apple Daily.

In 2006, after he completed Romance Of Red Dust, a drama starring Shu Qi, there were rumours that he was suffering from depression and had to take a break from the limelight. Kong, now 52, told the newspaper that was "just a rumour".

But he said he was under a lot of pressure at that time because of waist and leg injuries that suddenly made simple things such as "sitting, walking, standing" difficult.

He said he started to rethink his life, when he realised there were many things in his life he could not control.

"When a person is weak, a lot of fears will attack you. Then I accepted Jesus Christ and I didn't want to film for some time. I wanted to adjust my life and reflect on life."

He said he went into the insurance business three months ago to join a friend.

Kong, whose resemblance to Heavenly King Andy Lau has drawn descriptions such as "more Andy Lau than Andy Lau", starred in TVB dramas such as 2002's The King Of Yesterday And Tomorrow.

He has not given up making movies and is still in talks with investors, he said.