Andy Lau heads home

HONG KONG • Andy Lau says he has gone home, after nearly two months in hospital. The 55-year- old superstar, who suffered pelvis fractures in a filming accident in January, announced yesterday that he had been discharged from Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.

In a post on his official website titled I've Gone Home, he wrote: "Yesterday, I had check-ups for a day. The results were out in the evening... I was quietly sitting in a wheelchair in the ward, quietly listening as the doctor explained and said... I didn't hear anything until he said, 'You can go home!' I almost jumped up to hug the doctor, but unfortunately, I was unable to..."

He said his fractured pelvis was healing "ideally", reported Apple Daily. He was also slowly recovering from spine fractures, as well as sciatic nervous system, muscle and Achilles tendon strains, he added.

He asked fans not to worry and to be grateful to the media for giving him space to recuperate. He wrote: "Believe me! I'll stand up soon!"

In a statement, his company said: "Following the doctor's instructions, Mr Andy Lau is ready to be discharged at any time and to continue to the next stage of rehabilitation and treatment."

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