Amal Clooney's white gloves at the Golden Globes draw praise and brickbats

LOS ANGELES - She had her famous Hollywood star husband by her side.

And she was decked out glamorously in Dior fashion haute couture.

But what set people talking on Sunday night about British lawyer Amal Clooney's first appearance at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony were her white evening gloves.

Twitter went abuzz after the hashtag #Amalsgloves started trending, moments after she showed up with husband George Clooney.

"The gloves are my own," she told E! host Ryan Seacrest. Her husband joked: "She sewed them this morning. She's very handy."

On Twitter, she elicited praise for bringing back the Old Hollywood look and for making a confident choice amid the sea of barely there dresses on the red carpet.

Others were horrified. They were "tacky", did not even seem to fit, and hopefully would not beget a new trend, some said.