All-star glam slam at Carina Lau's 49th birthday bash

Jacky Cheung sings New York, New York. -- PHOTO: WEIBO.COM/SU MANG
Jacky Cheung sings New York, New York. -- PHOTO: WEIBO.COM/SU MANG
Lin Ching-hsia, Rosamund Kwan and Cherie Chung drink to Carina Lau. -- PHOTO: WEIBO.COM/SU MANG
Actress Niki Chow and her sister, model Kathy Chow - a former girlfriend of Alex To. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Actress Miriam Yeung and her husband Gary Ting. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Singer Alex To arrives with his wife Ice Lee (right) and former actress Anna Ueyama. Ueyama, formerly known as Anna Kamiyama, and Carina Lau were TVB stars in the 1980s. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Actor Ray Lui and his wife Yang Xiaojuan. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Make-up artist Zing. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Former actress Yolanda Yam. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Actress Liu Xiaoqing. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Singer Kenny Bee and his wife Fanchiang Su-chen - a close friend of Carina Lau. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Tony Leung's mother arrives at her daughter-in-law Carina Lau's birthday bash. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Singer Faye Wong. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Former actress Cherie Chung. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Former actress Rosamund Kwan. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Queen Carina, dressed in black and white and a pearl necklace, greets her guests with her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai. -- PHOTO: APPLE DAILY
Carina Lau and Tony Leung with their guests, director Chen Kaige and wife Chen Hong, at the bash that features a wall of Carina Lau banknotes. -- PHOTO: WEIBO.COM / CHEN HONG

Hong Kong - Everyone loves Carina Lau, but none more than herself, perhaps.

Cherie Chung, Rosamund Kwan, Faye Wong, Vicki Zhao, Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Kaige, Chingmy Yau, Ray Lui and Eric Tsang were some of the stars who gathered at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong last night to celebrate actress Lau's 49th birthday, said Apple Daily.

The theme of the bash was Glamorous, and the banquet featured a wall of 50-pound notes that showed not Queen Elizabeth but Lau in a crown. The banknotes, printed with "Bank of Ka Ling" - Lau's Chinese name - were meant to signify a rich 50th year ahead of the actress, said Sing Tao Daily.

Queen Carina greeted her guests with her husband, actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai. She paired a black and white dress that she had first worn to the Golden Horse Awards in 1995 with a pearl necklace, said Ming Pao Daily News. She swirled in the gown for a series of selfies, before changing into a red dress.

The revellers numbered about 160, including producer Charles Heung and his wife Tiffany Chen, as well as singer Kenny Bee and his wife Fanchiang Su-chen, a close friend of the birthday girl.

Actress Miriam Yeung, singer Alex To, costume designer William Chang, media and property tycoon Peter Lam, actress Cecilia Yip, casino heiress Pansy Ho and magician Lu Chen also attended the party.

Apple Daily said Lau invited Wong's boyfriend Nicholas Tse, but he declined the invitation out of politeness. He did not wish to grab the limelight from Lau by making a public appearance with his girlfriend, which would have been their first since they got back together this year.

At the banquet, Lau, who turned 49 at the stroke of midnight, thanked her friends, as well as "wise" members of the media. Likening herself to a flower, she said they had given her nutrients and sunshine.

"Although there has been sunlight, there have also been storms," she said. "Thank you for getting me through them, and making me stronger."

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