Aliens are coming, again, in Independence Day sequel

If you think Independence Day (1996) was earth-shattering, wait till you experience the sequel this summer.

Independence Day: Resurgence

When Independence Day first screened back in 1996, it redefined the event movie genre, becoming the highest-grossing film for the year. It set the standard of sci-fi movie making for years to follow and earned itself a legion of loyal fans from all around the world. 

This summer, 20th Century Fox will bring you Independence Day: Resurgence. The sequel, from director Roland Emmerich, promises to be every bit as spectacular as the first. For those of you who have waited long for the second movie, you're in for a treat and a little sneak peek. 

Here are five recollections about Independence Day (1996) to jolt your memory:

1. Will Smith's classic pop culture moment

Will Smith punching a marauding alien full in the face with an unflappable, "Welcome to Earth!" - is still a distinctive moment in the story. A simple one-liner; but those three words completely captured the defiant tone of Independence Day. 

2. Who can forget that ominous spaceship?

It all began when massive spaceships appeared over Earth's skies, casting an eerie shadow over everything. And as the aliens turned on their massive firepower, proving beyond doubt that there was intelligent life beyond the confines of Earth, the human race descended into chaos and panic. Men and women watch in terror as magnificent buildings crumble. 

3. Some truly epic scenes

Good versus evil, good looks versus horrible ugliness. Starring Will Smith as a fighter pilot and Jeff Goldblum as an MIT-educated computer whizz, Independence Day served up plenty of heroes versus plenty of villains and had audiences around the globe rooting and cheering for the good guys.

4. Fit for the White House

The film was privately screened for then President Bill Clinton at the White House, and netted 20th Century Fox more than US$100 million (S$138.12) in its first full week.

5. A new alternate reality was born

That was the day where the world came together after the war in unity to work towards greater defense of Planet Earth. Check out the fictional history here: http://www.warof1996.com/

Now, two decades later, the sequel promises to be every bit as mind-blowing as the first.

Here are four juicy nuggets to chew on, before Independence Day: Resurgence hits the big screens on June 23 this year:

1. Expect a bigger, better, and much more action-packed plot

This time, Earth seems better prepared for an alien invasion. Utilizing alien technology recovered from the war, Earth's nations are collaborating on a grand defence programme. But the aliens, too, have been improving their arsenal. Will Earth's efforts be enough? Can a few brave men and women bring the world back from the brink of extinction?

2. Old meets new

For continuity, director Roland Emmerich returns to helm this sequel. The German director and producer has several high profile films to his name, including The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson and 2012, starring John Cusack. Fans of Jeff Goldblum, the Jurassic Park star, will also be happy to hear that the American actor will reprise his role as computer genius David Levinson. New faces for the sequel include Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth, of The Hunger Games. Here, he plays the character of Jake Morrison, whose parents were killed in the first alien attack. 

3. The Singapore connection 1

Watch how Marina Bay Sands, Singapore's iconic landmark, topple in a cloud of dust and rubble when the aliens attack. That shot lasts a few precious seconds, but it puts Singapore on the same page as London, which suffers similar devastation.  Catch the iconic building in the trailer!

4. The Singapore connection 2

The sequel also casts a Singaporean actor, Chin Han, as the leader of the Chinese Space Squadron, Jiang Lao. Chin Han gained acclaim with English drama Masters of the Sea, and broke into the overseas film industry with 3 Needles, a Canadian drama released in 2005. He also had appearances in popular films such as The Dark Knight and 2012. 

5. An immersive cinema experience unlike anything you have experienced before

You have been warned - the aliens are coming, again. And this time, with Dolby Atmos, RealD 3D, D-Box motion seats and all the latest in cinema technology, you will feel the terror and excitement like nothing before.