Alien Huang wants to stop hosting

Alien Huang plans to hold a concert in Taiwan and is starring in two movies.
Alien Huang plans to hold a concert in Taiwan and is starring in two movies.PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS SINGAPORE

Taiwanese celebrity Alien Huang is tired of being known as a jack of all trades - he sings, acts and hosts.

Surprisingly, he wants to step away from his best-known skill - hosting.

Speaking to the local media on Monday, he says: "When you mention Alien Huang, the majority of people will remember me as a host. Many of my overseas fans and the media know me from my hosting stint on 100% Entertainment.

"I learnt a lot, but it's time for me to graduate from the show. Now, I hope to develop my acting and singing careers," adds Huang, who was in town to promote his new Mandopop album, Alien.

Ironically, his decision to leave the show comes on the back of his recent Best Host nomination at the Golden Bell Awards for 100% Entertainment. The awards are Taiwan's equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

He has helmed the show with various co-hosts over the past nine years and was nominated with seasoned host Show Lo for the award earlier this year.

The hilarious duo's chemistry may be palpable on TV, but their off-screen friendship appears to have run into problems.

The Taiwanese media has run reports of the pair not hanging out together outside work and allegedly falling out.

When asked about their relationship, Huang turns solemn.

He says in Mandarin: "I don't like to bring up the mention of him. He has done so much to help me. I don't like to mention others during my album promotions because I don't want to ride on their coattails.

"I don't want to dwell on this issue. I don't want to hurt his fans or his reputation." He adds that Lo is his mentor and had showed him the ropes of hosting.

Though he may not be pals with Lo, he has a group of close friends in show business. In the music video for his new self-penned track, Good Friends, he is seen with four buddies - host O.D, actors Shiou Chieh-kai and Hsieh Kun-da, and singer Wesley Chia.

He says: "Once I was confused about the direction of my show- business career and had an identity crisis. These friends were there for me. They had a heart-to-heart talk with me and talked me through my concerns. A real friend is someone you can have fun with, but also have a serious talk about life."

Having worked out what he wants, it is full steam ahead.

Next year, he plans to hold a concert in Taiwan and will start conceptualising his fifth album.

He is starring in two Taiwanese movies, The Big Power and Feng Yun Gao Shou (Storm Master in Chinese), both set to be released next year.

He has also starred in Singapore productions - Channel 8 period drama Joys Of Life (2012) and actress-director Michelle Chong's film, Already Famous (2011).

On taking on filming projects here, he says with a laugh: "Of course, I want to come back to Singapore, but I haven't received any offers. I'm open to TV dramas and movie projects."

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