After two months in hospital, Andy Lau announces: 'I've gone home. I'll stand up soon'

Hong Kong star Andy Lau said in a blog post on Thursday (March 9) that his doctor told him he can go home. PHOTO: REUTERS
Hong Kong actor Andy Lau arriving at a hospital in Hong Kong on Jan 19 after being thrown from a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand two days earlier. PHOTO: REUTERS

Andy Lau says he has gone home, after nearly two months of rest in hospital.

The 55-year-old superstar, who suffered pelvis fractures in a filming accident in January, announced on Friday (March 10) that he has been discharged from Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.

He wrote in Chinese in a blog post titled I've Gone Home: "I did a day of physical examinations yesterday. The results were out in the evening... I was in the ward, sitting quietly in the wheelchair, listening calmly to the doctor's explanation. The doctor talked but I didn't hear a thing until he said... You can go home!

"I almost jumped up to hug the doctor, but too bad I was in no condition to do so."

He told fans that his pelvic fractures are healing well and his vertebral spine, sciatic nerve system, muscles and Achilles tendon are recovering slowly.

He also thanked the media for their support and for giving him space to rest and recover.

"The messages at home, I read through every day," he wrote.

"Every blessing, every bit of advice, is a miracle medicine for me.

"Believe in me! I will be able to stand up soon!"

In a statement to the media, his company said: "Following the doctor's instructions, Mr Andy Lau is ready to be discharged at any time and to continue to the next stage of rehabilitation and treatment."

Lau has been advised to rest for up to 11 months, earlier reports said. The horse reportedly stepped on his lower back after throwing him off.

He was moved to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital from Thailand a few days after the accident.

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