Grown-ups indulge their inner kid at KidZania's adults-only event

Being a pilot was one of sales manager Steven Teo's favourite activities at Back-to-Kidz, but he says he will stick to his real job.
Being a pilot was one of sales manager Steven Teo's favourite activities at Back-to-Kidz, but he says he will stick to his real job.PHOTO: COURTESY OF STEVEN TEO

Adults get to embrace their inner child at KidZania's adults-only Back-to-Kidz sessions, where they can role-play various jobs

Ms Claudia Lim went to the KidZania Singapore children's theme park in Sentosa in January without her two daughters.

Not only that, she also kept her trip a secret from them.

Ms Lim, 36, director of a social media agency, who attended KidZania Singapore's Back-to-Kidz event for adults only, says: "I didn't tell them about my secret adults-only experience because that would have disappointed them a lot.

"When they found out, they kept questioning why I didn't take them along and I had to make it up with another trip with them."

Her daughters, Ayra, six, and Zara, four, were eventually appeased with a tiara each, redeemed with both theirs and their mother's hard-earned kidZos, the KidZania currency.

While it might seem unusual for adults to enjoy KidZania, an interactive learning experience where children get to role-play adulthood and try out various jobs, many have taken a liking to the Back-to-Kidz sessions - where adults get to unleash their inner kid.

Back-to-Kidz, which launched last October, is back for its fourth edition next Friday.

Up to 500 visitors have attended previous editions of the event.


  • WHERE: KidZania Singapore, 31 Beach View, Sentosa

    WHEN: Aug 4, 6 to 10pm

    ADMISSION: $58; $48 (advance purchase till Thursday). Buddies Bundle (buy three get one free): $174 (till Thursday)


Auxiliary police officer Zarifi Abdul Aziz, who attended the Back-to-Kidz event in April with his wife, Ms Lilly Allyssa, and his brothers-in-law, enjoyed the session because it gave him a chance to experience jobs he had never considered doing.

The 27-year-old, who does not have children, had been to KidZania with his three nieces.

He steered clear of the popular policeman activity and experienced being a pilot, a doctor and even a chef at KFC and Pizza Hut.

He says: "In real life, you don't have the opportunity to do all these jobs and become all these people.

"You can't walk into a hospital and immediately become a doctor, so it's nice to experience all these things."

For Ms Atikk Sue, not only was it about trying out her childhood dream job - being a radio DJ - but it was also about releasing her inner child for an afternoon.

The 31-year-old director of an education company says: "It was rejuvenating and refreshing. We're all too serious during the day with our hectic lives and work.

"As you grow older, you start to care what people think of you and maybe even lose that sense of curiosity. Everybody needs to maintain their inner child and it's important to let it out every now and then."

Like Ms Lim, Mr Steven Teo avoided telling his four children he was going to an adults-only session as he was afraid they would pester him to take them along.

The 39-year-old sales manager cited the surgical and piloting activities as his favourites, but would not trade his real-life job for either profession.

He tells The Straits Times: "It was fun to go in the flight simulator and cut up the dummy as a surgeon.

"It's fun to pretend for a bit, but I'm comfortable with what I'm doing and happy with where I am."

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