Actress wants better police protection

SEOUL • Actress Yoon Ji-oh panicked when the police did not respond to her distress call even after nine hours.

Over the weekend, she wrote: "The Smartwatch device, intentionally made for tracking locations and making emergency calls to the police when in danger, is not working.

"It's been nine hours and 39 minutes since I signalled for emergency (help) and I cannot begin to express my despair and disappointment at the irresponsible attitude of the police department (since it) cannot be reached."

Yoon, 31, recently asked for the culprits to be brought to justice over the 2009 suicide of her colleague, actress Jang Ja-yeon.

Jang, 29, left behind a letter saying she was sexually abused by men in the business and media worlds.

The authorities have reopened the case and interviewed Yoon, who recently revealed she was staying in a safe house and getting police protection.

But according to allkpop portal, she posted last Saturday that the protection was absent. While waiting for the police to respond, she was spooked by sounds from the walls and bathroom ceiling. The day before, she found the lock on her door had been tampered with.

"I'm demanding an explanation as well as an apology from the police, and I am also respectfully requesting improvement on... proper protection," she posted.

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