Actress Liza Wang had rejected actor Law Kar Ying's proposals before their 2009 marriage

Law Kar Ying and Liza Wang married in 2009 after dating for 21 years. PHOTO: LIZA WANG/INSTAGRAM

Cantonese opera star and actor Law Kar Ying, who recently filmed a short health video in Hong Kong encouraging patients to face their illnesses bravely, is no stranger to setbacks.

The 73-year-old was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2004, but recovered after an operation and treatment. He went for an operation in June last year (2019) to remove his prostate after doctors found cancerous cells when he went for a prostate biopsy.

Law said that throughout his ordeal, his wife, actress and television host Liza Wang, 72, was by his side. They married in 2009 after dating for 21 years. He said in an interview last year that it was her encouragement back in 2004 which helped him to pull through.

He was asked about their relationship by Hong Kong media on Monday (May 11).

"She is in the clouds, while I am on the ground. It is a miracle that we are together," he said.

Early on in their relationship, Wang was a respected actress in Hong Kong show business nicknamed "Big Sister", and there was talk of Law being the small-time supporting actor beside her.

He joked that they came together due to emptiness and loneliness. He said he picked up his courage to propose to Wang after his mother's death in 2007, but was rejected.

But she later proposed to him and they registered their marriage in Las Vegas in May 2009. He has reportedly proposed to Wang for close to 20 times before their marriage.

Law became a movie star after gaining fame as part of a famous Cantonese opera family. He is known for starring in several of actor-director Stephen Chow's movies, such as From Beijing With Love (1994), the two-part A Chinese Odyssey (1995) and Forbidden City Cop (1996).

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