Actress Ku Hye-sun unhappy how divorce has played out

Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun
Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun

SEOUL • South Korean actress Ku Hye-sun has announced that her husband Ahn Jae-hyun is seeking a divorce.

They met on the drama Blood in 2015 and got married the next year.

However, Ku, 34, while saying she respects his wish to go separate ways, is also unhappy over how the issue has played out.

In text messages she sent to Ahn, 32, she said there was no need for their agency to be involved and that it had told her it would cancel her contract.

"I know that once I leave, rumours about a divorce would begin, so I'm willing to get a divorce immediately, as you wanted. But if I leave the agency and we get a divorce, I will have no work."

She asked Ahn for her stake in their house.

Their agency also released a statement which stated that while it respects the right of its artists to make their personal decisions, it wanted to put on record certain facts.

While Ku had said she did not want a divorce, the truth was that the divorce was mutually agreed upon after "serious conversations", the agency stated.

Ku has since released a statement saying there was "a gap between us and we wished to end things on happier terms before the distance widened".

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