Actress Kitty Zhang has remarried, 70 days after meeting her 'beast prince'

Kitty Zhang (right) and her new husband.
Kitty Zhang (right) and her new husband.PHOTO: ZHANG YUQI STUDIO/WEIBO

BEIJING - Actress Kitty Zhang has announced her whirlwind remarriage, revealing that she and her new husband made things official 70 days after their first meeting.

Her company Zhang Yuqi Studio made the announcement on Weibo on Wednesday (Oct 26), after online talk of her new romance with a tycoon surnamed Yuan.

It said: "'Princess Bella' Miss Zhang Yuqi has found her beast prince. Two singles fell in love 10 days after they met, and married 70 days after they met. This was a meeting that was just right. We believe that people who love each other will be shown favour by fate."

The actress also thanked her fans, and expressed her hope for a quiet, simple life.

She did not name her husband. According to unconfirmed reports cited by NetEase website, he is businessman Yuan Bayuan, who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai and owns several companies.

It is her second marriage. Her four-year marriage to director Wang Quan'an, 51, ended last year, after he was jailed for hiring prostitutes. She had also married him after a whirlwind romance.