Actress Jeanette Aw hurt in 'most epic' accident yet after glass door shatters on set

Cast and crew rushed to brush glass out of Jeanette Aw's hair and body. The actress says she may have pushed the door too hard.
Cast and crew rushed to brush glass out of Jeanette Aw's hair and body. The actress says she may have pushed the door too hard.PHOTOS: COURTESY OF JEANETTE AW

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - A freak accident on set scared the entire cast and crew except for one plucky actress.

Local actress Jeanette Aw was filming a scene for the second season of long-running local TV drama 118 on Sunday (Oct 23) night when the glass panel of a door shattered.

The 37-year-old, who has been acting for about 15 years, posted about the accident on Instagram, calling it “the most epic yet”.

She walked away with abrasions on her arms and knees, telling The New Paper she was thankful she was wearing a long-sleeved top instead of her usual sleeveless shirt.

After the glass pieces fell over Aw, her co-stars and crew, who were in shock, rushed over and quickly brushed the shards off her clothes.

Bryan Wong, who plays a goody two-shoes real estate agent, even helped comb her hair to remove the shards before Aw was rushed to Mount Alvernia Hospital for a check-up.

“While I was at the hospital, I told the doctor my scalp was a little painful,” Aw told TNP.

“After she checked through my head, she found a glass shard on my scalp.”

Aw said she had no time to be shocked and was quite calm when the accident happened.

“I placed my hand over my head and bent over to shield myself.

“I get injured on set quite often so I was quite calm when it happened. I think the crew were more anxious than me.”

Aw admitted that while her body is still aching from the impact, she was thankful to have just suffered minor injuries.

She is on medical leave for two days.

A new addition to 118, Aw picked up wushu for her role as a triad member skilled in martial arts.

The latest season of the drama, which revolves around those running Yao Yao Fa coffee shop, will have 218 episodes. Returning cast members include Chew Chor Meng and Pan Ling Ling.

The season premieres on Nov 29 at 7.30pm on Channel 8.

The accident happened while Aw was filming a scene with actor Jeremy Chan.

She said: “Jeremy was hiding behind the door, and I was supposed to push open the door forcefully in order to get him out.

“We did a couple of rehearsals and all went well.

“But when it came to the actual filming of the scene, the push might have been a bit too strong and the glass shattered.”

Aw said Chan became quiet after that.

She told TNP about how a previous on-set accident nearly left her disfigured.

While filming Destiny In My Hands some years back, she had a scene where she was involved in a catfight with an actress.

She said: “That actress had long manicured nails and she accidentally scratched my face.

“My face swelled up immediately. But thankfully, it did not leave any scar on my face.”